V10, V20, V10F, V20F, & TDV20 Pumps

  1. Designed for medium to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications.
  2. Time proven dependable, durable, quiet and most economical vane pumps.
  3. Optional integrated flow control valves simplify system design and installation.
  4. Applications: Use in less demanding applications. Power units, power steering, skid steelers, lift trucks and balers.
  5. Displacement:0.2 in³/rev (3.3 cc/rev)–5.18 in³/rev (84.8 cc/rev).
  6. Using single and double pump combined flow.
  7. Rated pressure (Max.): Up to 175 bar (2,500 psi) continuous.
  8. Rated speed: Up to 4,800 rpm.

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